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The heart of this company is more than 25 years of engineering skill and rail industry knowledge combined with the belief that “Together we can Solve your Business Problem”.

Unique Engineering, renowned for its commitment to quality and long-term customer satisfaction, designs and develops tailored and cost-effective solutions for Australia’s light rail/tramway and mainline rail networks.

Unique Engineering has specialist experience in pantograph systems and is the exclusive Australian manufacturer of the world-renowned Schunk Pantograph. We don’t just supply the pantograph, we refurbish, maintain and monitor the carbon systems.

Unique Engineering pantographs

As exclusive Australian manufacturers of Schunk rail and tram pantograph systems, Unique Engineering has intimate knowledge. Through its long-standing partnership with Schunk, Unique Engineering ensures that the Australian and New Zealand markets have access to pantographs that conform to Australian and International standards.

Unique Engineering refurbished pantographs
Pantograph refurbishment

In addition to supplying new pantographs, Unique Engineering has the capability to refurbish existing pantograph systems to optimise return on investment (ROI). With the potential to save at least 50% compared to the cost of a new pantograph, railway and tramway maintenance operators appreciate the commitment to quality and service delivered by Unique Rail’s pantograph refurbishment program.

Unique Engineering services
Engineering services

Unique Rail has a long heritage as an engineering services company bringing innovation and technical excellence together to provide bespoke solutions to design, development, project management and maintenance services. No job is too big or too small and Unique Rail provides a complete end-to-end service, refurbishment and maintenance offering for the rail industry.