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Refurbished pantographs

A pantograph refurbished by Unique Rail not only provides cost savings of up to 50% compared with a new unit, it effectively doubles the lifecycle of the pantograph. Why? Because part of Unique Rail's ongoing commitment to customers is our complete refurbishment service for all railway and tramway pantographs. Our expertise in ensuring the highest quality overhaul of pantographs includes:

  • Complete disassembly and cleaning of pantographs
  • All welds are chemical weld checked for metal fatigue
  • All powder coated / painted parts are bead blasted and powder coated
  • Repair or replacement of quality tested material and parts
  • Final inspection and reassembly
  • Supply of Routine Test Certificate and Certificate of Conformance

As a result of our rigorous commitment to quality, pantographs refurbished by Unique are guaranteed to meet or exceed the highest standards. We adhere to the strict guidelines and engineering tolerances required by Schunk quality standards – your assurance that the highest quality is met during the overhauling process.