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Unique Rail SBE and SSS 400 Pantograph

SSS 400+ High Speed Pantograph and the SBE Pantograph


New Pantographs

At Unique Rail we offer a local content Schunk pantograph as we feel local content is necessary to maintain the performance, reliability and safety of pantographs.

Schunk pantographs from Unique Rail offer the following features:

  • 8-10 year or 2,000,000 km overhaul period
  • Maintenance free bearings
  • No grease points
  • Minimum mass weight
  • Constant contact pressure through entire operating range
  • Adjustable contact pressure from 50n – 160n
  • Suitable for maximum speed of 400+ km/h.
  • Pan head insulated from upper arm
  • No arcing or binding
  • Free movement at all times
  • Softer suspension on pan head which reduces wear on carbons and catenary
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique Pantograph Capabilities
  • Complete pantograph assemblies
  • Pantograph components
  • Pantograph refurbishment programs
  • OEM pantograph carbon current collectors strips
  • Supplier of heavy rail and light rail overhead catenary and carbon monitoring systems